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Delivering unparalleled excellence and innovation in their unique wellbeing domains.

Better Minds at Work helps to activate the entire mental capital of your organisation. We do this through professional advice, training, inspiration sessions and coaching. Our trademark is translating scientific theories into a fresh and accessible day-to-day approach.

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Human Capital Scan

The Human Capital Scan helps you to find out what gives your employees energy, what stresses them and how they perceive the leadership and the organisation.

The New Now

The New Now is our latest keynote on how to build resilience in a world where change is the only constant.

Future Focused Leadership

During our leadership programs we inspire your leaders in continuous innovation to become truly future-proof.

Energy Lab motivates people and companies to move more and live a healthier lifestyle. We create and implement sustainable and impactful wellbeing journeys, including inspirational sessions, activations, workshops, and life changing experiences for our customers. We offer testing and coaching services in our labs and via online applications.

A selection of our offering

Master Your Energy

In this 100-days program we boost the physical, mental and emotional energy levels of your employees and help you build and create a sustainable high-performance working culture. 

Manage your team energy

Master your team energy provides team leaders with a unique opportunity to better manage and renew the energy of their teams.

Anything is possible

A selection of employees work towards an ultimate physical goal under the professional supervision of Energy Lab coaches.

Peak4 helps companies to understand, plan, implement and communicate change within their teams and organisation.  We use the latest organisational- and behavioural science, best in class business practices and nature’s wisdom to guide leaders, teams, and organisations through their own personal change.

A selection of our offering

Transformation & Culture

We help leaders embrace new ways of approaching change in which they explore the dynamics at play, discover new perspectives, make it personal, shift underlying mindsets and connect with a deeper source of creativity.

Talent & Leadership

Our Talent & Leadership programs are tailor-made, in co-creation with our client and create curious, resilient and agile employees. 

Corporate Wellbeing

Our individual and team coaching helps to create healthy workforce and ensures successful companies in times where people’s well-being is highly under pressure.

Seppworks sets things in motion! From wellbeing advice to organizing and setting up successful sports, exercise and vitality programs. We nurture job satisfaction, individual work pride and team performance. Together we work on a healthy lifestyle, a positive mindset, getting fitter and striving for better every day.

A selection of our offering


Wellbeing deserves a place as an integral part of every organization. Together we determine the wellbeing strategy, resulting in an appropriate wellbeing program. That’s how we contribute to an organizational culture with inspired and resilient employees.

Wellbeing programs

Fit and vital employees are more productive, perform better and are happier. With health-promoting activities and the creation of a wellbeing work environment, we help your company to keep your employees healthy and resilient on the long term.

Communication strategy

Our motto is: “No success without experience”. With our powerful and creative communication strategy, we motivate and activate employees to participate in activities. Each campaign is customized and increases engagement so that your program succeeds.